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IMO for PC Download On Windows free Latest Version

IMO for PC Download On Windows free Latest Version
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While gadgets have become an important part of our lives, there is an enormous plethora of video, chatting and messaging applications that are ruling our smartphones, computers, and iPad.

In between the crowd, IMO is one utility application that has remained a popular choice for android as well as iOS. Being simple to use, vibrant in the interface and available for free, the app surely seems to make heads turn!

Right from Facebook, Google talk to Yahoo, IMO comes with a built in support. Also avoiding annoyances and paid push notifications, the application gives the liberty to send and receive messages in the most reliable manner! Moreover, the IMO for PC download for windows phone has extended the functionality for windows user who were earlier dependent on the conventional BBM for

Creating an account at the IMO Platform

Downloading the application from respective app stores and installing it, is something all smartphone users can do, hence we would not be covering that part!

Once installed, the IMO interface would prompt you to register your mobile number. Unlike other similar messaging applications, the user need not sign in using an E-mail address or password. Once the phone number is entered into the field, an OTP is sent that verifies the user identity, a post which you will be asked to furnish some details like date of birth, gender etc. Once entered, the registration process would get complete within 2 minutes.

Discovering the features of IMO Application

Offering the feature to chat live, you can view whether a person whom you have sent the message is online at that moment or not. And in case he is, you can also get to know if your message has been reached and read by the recipient or not with the help of notifications. You also have the facility to customize notifications by choosing particular sounds and colors every time you send or receive a message. Hence with such wide varied features, it appears to be a promising means to stay active in the world of social media.

The Amazing Small Size

While messaging applications tend to get bulky with features, imo is an exception here! Being just 5.3 MB in size the app creates a limited set of cached files avoiding excessive load on your device RAM.

Chat, Share like never before!

While WhatsApp continues to be the dominant application, IMO lets you chat, send pictures, videos, and texts to your friends, family, colleagues. You get to see all your contacts who are already on IMO App and can even send invitations to contacts to download IMO.

You can share text, images, smileys, stickers and videos with them. It will automatically show the list of all people who are using IMO and thus you can contact them. Moreover, if they don’t have IMO then you can also invite them to download it.

If you are bored of the regular chatting session, spice up things with an enormous and exciting collection of smileys and emoji’s. Further, you can create your very own personalized stickers by simply drawing it!

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