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Making Google Default Engine Of Iphone

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IPhone is the love of millions and to access Internet, one needs to have super-powered browser which leads to many feats when it comes to gathering the information that you like. Google on iPhone default search is the best thing you can go in that regard, Google comes out to have a wide prominence in terms of rigging out the information which you can make use of.

Safari is meant for iPhone and has got enticing features to be used, if you are trying hard to get a wide range of information, then this browser is a must for you. But using it appropriately requires the use of the world’s most popular search engine called Make Google my Homepage . But making it default search page for safari requires some efforts on your part. How this can be done and what should be done to make Google your default search is very much a part of the browsing experience that the users need to be aware of, so check this guide to complete the task.

How to make Google your default iphone search?

Google is already the search engine for iphone but with some procedures, the default search engine can be changed to Bing, DuckDuck GO and yahoo. The DuckDuckgo is highly secure search engine which is equipped with all the features you want and with a search bar at the top, you can switch on the search engine of your choice.

The procedure to set the default Google search engine for Google, just follow the steps below:

  • Open safari
  • Select Search
  • Select Google from the list which displays the search engine pop menu

Why is Google the default search engine for iphone?

You may be surprised to know that Google pays millions of dollars to Apple to be the default search engine on iphone. The reasons are purely commercial but the technical features given an upper hand to Google in all aspects, it is the simplicity of this device which makes it a search engine worthy to be used.

The deal is very interesting and runs on a per-device basis rather than the total sum of money. Majority of the search revenue goes to Apple and remains with Google, also, the cost of the deal is going to rise only.

The next market is pretty dominating and looking this Apple-Google deal from the futuristic point, the dominance of Google is only going to rise higher only. Business by Google is pretty lucrative and that makes it the Apple to pursue the deal in a more enthusiastic manner.

Mobile market domination is very much in hands of Apple and with Google playing a prominent role and benefits is bound to be accrued. Besides that, billions of dollars are paid on the basis of a mutual deal between the two technical giants and in that regard, many things in terms of innovation seem to be promising which makes it worthwhile while getting the deal on a solid basis.

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